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How to take Screenshot on Asus Laptop
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Autor How to take Screenshot on Asus Laptop
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Erstellt am: 11.06.2021 um 12:28 Uhr Antwort mit Zitat
While taking the screenshots we do so many mistakes because of not have the correct knowledge of the way to take the screenshot.
I have the Asus laptop, that's why I am sharing the ways that confirmly works on Asus laptop. If you have any other way then it will work on it as well.

So many peoples face the trouble because the PrintScreen key which is available on their keyboard not work properly. The reason is might be the defect in registry files or defect in settings. So you can fix them by running the troubleshooter on your windows pc. After that, I learn the different ways to take the screenshot on asus laptop from a webiste that shows you How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop (you can click on that text to visit that page) and I have explored some amazing ways from this page. You can also visit that page to learn all the ways. But the confirmed way by which you can take the screenshot easily in any condition is Ctrl+PrintScreen key. It will take the screenshot for you in any condition even if your OS has any type of defect. Just press these two keys simultanously and take the screenshot. The screenshot will be copied in your clipboard. So you have to use any image editor app to save it in your pc.

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