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How to recover the Hotmail account?
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Autor How to recover the Hotmail account?

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The recovery steps are very simple; it involves the following simple steps;
The initial step is to visit the Hotmail homepage website that is you go to
In the homepage, you will find the option of recovery at the bottom of the login button. What you have to do is to click in that “can’t access your account” box.
The next thing that you will see after clicking the button is the option of “I forgot my password’. Actually, there are many options provided, but you must choose the one that you are interested in.
The reset popup comes up immediately you click the button above. ‘Reset your password” button will then be ticked.
Before the last step, verification is necessary. The Captcha box is the next thing to fill. The correct characters must be filled. If the captcha is hard, you have an option of requesting for new characters. Once you have given the correct captcha, then next is to click the “next” button.
For one to receive a new password, one should provide an email address alternative to the one used during sign up. The email address will then enable you to successfully reset your password.
With all the correct information provided, you need to click the “submit” button. A pop-up message will notify you that your recovery link has been sent to your email. The next thing that you need to do is to login into your email to receive the recovery link.
The recovery link provided in the email will direct you to Hotmail sign in the platform. Here you will be asked to provide a new password and confirm it. The password is the created, and you can use to sign into your account.

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