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Some subgenres of reflection writing
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Autor Some subgenres of reflection writing
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Sociological resume as a genre

A sociological summary is a material that contains a summary of the results of any sociological research. A journalist takes from a lot of work only what he considers most important for his audience, and presents it in the way, in his opinion, it is most convenient and understandable to the audience.

The author of the summary analyzes and comments on the information provided, draws his own conclusions from it. Facts, citations can be given not in the order they are located in the primary document, but following the logic of the author. If this can be difficult for you, we recommend that you ask a professional for essay help .

Monitoring as a genre

Monitoring is the observation of an event with a systematic analysis of the ongoing process. Usually, in such material, some characteristics and parameters are measured, studied, compared.

Monitoring makes it possible to show a certain cross-section of any phenomenon, process and draw conclusions based on the data obtained.

During monitoring, statistical data are often used. Authors, seeking to determine quantitative indicators of a particular phenomenon, often resort to content analysis of documents and media.

To conduct monitoring, you must have certain knowledge in the field of sociology.

Since monitoring is a rather laborious and requiring special training type of reality research, it can be carried out in a qualified manner, of course, first of all, by sociologists. Nevertheless, journalists also take part in such research. But above all, when preparing monitoring for their media, they have to perform editorial functions.

Ranking as a genre

The word rating comes from the English " rating ", which means "rating, classification". In the modern domestic understanding, a rating is a ranking (building a hierarchy) of similar phenomena, organizations, persons. The higher the indicator of any characteristic of the rating participant, the higher the place in it he takes.

Today, ratings are used in almost all spheres of life. There are ratings of athletes, politicians, businessmen, etc.

Ratings are very popular with the audience, because are certain landmarks in the surrounding life. With the help of ratings, one can understand who is the leader and who is the auditor , who is reliable and who is not, who supplies expensive and who is cheap products, etc. Analyzing ratings is an important skill to develop. If you find it difficult to do this, the question of how to write a reflection is not yet relevant for you, because one of the basic skills you have not yet developed. Of course, we cannot stop there. Learn how to analyze ratings from professionals and move on to your ideal article.

Compiling and maintaining your own rankings is a fairly easy way to get into the media. It should only be remembered that the compilation of ratings should be approached with special care, since their publication and content is followed not only by the average audience of the media, but also by the "participants in the race." Controversial, untrustworthy ratings will not be of interest to anyone. The best ratings always claim a certain objectivity and are compiled on the basis of surveys by authoritative specialists or representatives of well-known companies or organizations.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: students-influenced-brewing -a-happier-student/ istics/622803.aspx

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