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Taliban Targets Afghanistan's Critical IT Infrastr
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Autor Taliban Targets Afghanistan's Critical IT Infrastr

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When Ali Atayee, 30, enrolled for his first computer class as an Afghan refugee boy growing up in Iran, He knew that this was what he wanted to pursue in his adult career.

When he returned to Afghanistan the following year, with ทางเข้าสล็อต xo one goal in mind, Atayee put all his energy, time and resources to study computer science. especially web development

A graduate of Kabul's prestigious American University of Afghanistan, Atayee has worked with growing information technology (IT) businesses and development projects. In the small but thriving IT sector in the country

Over the past few years, Atayee has moved to work as a freelance web developer for a local company.

“I have a passion for computer programming. but also saw how the situation in Afghanistan improved back then. I think there will be more developments and opportunities in this sector once I finish my studies. With more and more Afghans online – 12.8 million Afghan internet users in 2021 – the industry has flourished over the past 20 years.

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