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Request documents for Sandy Hook shooting,
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Autor Request documents for Sandy Hook shooting,

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Attorneys representing 10 Sandy Hook families in a lawsuit against Remington Arms Co. have accused the gunmaker of deliberately slowing the discovery process by filing tens of thousands of seemingly unrelated photos and videos.

Among the documents produced by เว็บสล็อต xo Remington are more than 18,000 files depicting cartoons and emojis. Along with thousands of seemingly private photos and videos of people participating in events such as go-karting,

hunting and gender reveal parties. According to a court filing last week, meanwhile The company also sends relevant e-mails and other documents. of the company is too slow

"Remington treats Discovery like a game," the complaint read. “I don't want this case to be decided by a jury on merit with full records. Remington has asked for a delay and obfuscation in every way.

A source associated with Remington said the images and video were filed in response to specific requests made by plaintiffs to submit all content from the company's social media pages, a description the family's primary attorney declined in an interview with Remington. NPR

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