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Gaming is entering the fashion era.
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Autor Gaming is entering the fashion era.

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In the first few months of 2019, representatives from Riot Games and Louis Vuitton were introduced. And they started talking about esports. The feeling of curiosity flourished. and over time The conversation became an important collaboration.สล็อตโรม่าฟรี

In addition to Louis Vuitton's physical and digital apparel capsules, Atelier has created a branded suitcase for the "League of Legends" Summoner's Cup, a $2.2 million prize for the world's most watched esports tournament. The branded trophy was displayed at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

From the outside, the two might seem like strange bedmates: the legendary French fashion house and game developer. And it would be difficult to argue that the audience is strictly alike. Anyone can play "League of Legends". Few can buy Louis Vuitton.

But the game has long been interested in fashion. And now the game has firmly held its place in cultural principles, with investments pouring in and growing audiences. Fashion meets interest. As part of the League of Legends x Louis Vuitton collaboration,

LV creative director Nicolas Ghesquière works with Riot artists to produce the prestigious in-game makeup and collection of bracelets, boots and skirts. bubbles One of League of Legends' champions treated in high fashion is Qiyana, a melee killer with LV's famous monogrammed spherical blade.

Autor Gaming is entering the fashion era.
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Recommended game to play Fruits Bar

Introducing Fruits Bar, one of the newest online mobile slots games. that are ready to bring bettors Everyone enters the classic slot machine game from PGSLOT168, a game that Thai gamblers love. and pay the most attention With the nature of the game Fruits Bar game will have a variety of fruits appear. To experience the fun and excitement of playing the easiest online slots game. Win prizes, jackpots, giveaways, easy to play, real giveaways every day.

It is an online slot game with bright fruits, a visually pleasing image, with symbols to pass the checkpoint. Instead of 1 special symbol, free game triggers, 10 free games, 400 great prizes, up to 408,800 bonuses, join PG SLOT GAMING that will bring you huge winnings. Guarantee that you won't be disappointed For the style of playing PG SLOT games, fruit bars are selected to please. Everyone can join the thrill of playing fruit slots games easily. Give away many special bonuses. making it the most popular game to play Join the fun experience with Fruit bar slot game with all tastes Learn more about how to play here.

Fruit slot game, easy to play, suitable for everyone.

There are 15 PG SLOT Fruits Bar pay symbols and 3 clear symbols. Fruits Bar game odds start at minimum 0.5, maximum at 500 per Linepay.

In the whole game, divided into 3 stages, there will be a random drop square zone, symbols size 4×4 5×5 6×6 symbols must be adjacent to each other and correspond to the number of symbols specified by the odds table. therefore can delete the symbol If the symbol is out of range, it will not count consecutively.


The special symbols of the Fruits Bar game will be 3 symbols to clear the level. When each level removes 15 collectible symbols, the game advances to the next level, once the 3rd level is cleared, the game stage is over. If the board appears to pass the checkpoint will remove the symbol to pass the level be the first Wait after the cleared symbols have been removed. The game will complete the game symbol in the 4×4 (5×5 or 6×6) zone until there are no symbols on the screen to complete the level. will calculate the score After completing Stage 3, go back to Stage 1.

When 1 Fraa Game symbol appears on the board, it is considered a winner immediately. 10 free spins will be awarded and a random 1-5x multiplier will be awarded. Free Game symbols will not appear in the free spins, the points of each game will be multiplied by the multiplier that appears before entering. To Free Spins In free spins, the bet multiplier is equal to the bet multiplier in normal games. that triggers free spins

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