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Persona 4 13 Years Later; A Celebration
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Autor Persona 4 13 Years Later; A Celebration

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Persona 4 13 Years Later; A Celebration Of An All-Time Great RPG And Its Legacy

It may not have been known at the time, but Japan (in July 2008) and North America (in December 2008) received what would be remembered as one of the greatest role-playing games ever made. Over the course of a decade, Persona 4 has become more than just an incredibly fun RPG with a refined battle system and quirky characters, though. A story about Japanese high school students confronting their worst fears, fighting for what's right, and becoming the best of friends spawned a lasting legacy that has empowered the people who played it and continually inspired new games. Our love for Persona 4 has kept it alive for so long with several fighting games, two anime adaptations, an adorable (and difficult) spin-off RPG, and even a rhythm game. And after 13 years, we're still seeing our good friends from Inaba in a new light. pg slot

For the uninitiated, Persona 4's foundation closely resembles that of its predecessor, Persona 3. You're a transfer student new to a school surrounded by unusual circumstances; supernatural phenomena that endanger your new hometown is the crux to the overarching mystery. On a typical day, you go to class, do extracurricular activities, and try to grow closer to those around town and at school. Better yourself through hobbies or take on a part-time job, it's up to you how to pass the time. In particular, Persona 4 takes you to a fictional rural town of Inaba where the biggest thing to happen before your arrival was the opening of a Junes department store (think Super Walmart, but with an infectious jingle). Even your little cousin Nanako is utterly convinced that every day's great at your Junes, and begs you and her dad to take her there like it's the greatest place on earth.

Sure sounds like all fun and games until you and your new friends become the centerpiece for a dark murder mystery and an absolutely perplexing world that lives behind TV screens. At first, it's not quite clear why outlandish versions of certain townsfolk inexplicably pop up on TV sets and go missing on rainy midnights. The one way to get to the bottom of this is to actually jump into a TV screen to enter the shadow world where you and your friends of the Investigation Team fight evil with makeshift weapons and the ability to summon powerful magical incarnations of your inner selves.

Autor Persona 4 13 Years Later; A Celebration
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Autor Persona 4 13 Years Later; A Celebration

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