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Amazon turns a public refrigeration center at its
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Autor Amazon turns a public refrigeration center at its

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The air-conditioned meeting place at Amazon's Seattle headquarters is one of dozens of public cooling centers operating in the city as the Pacific Northwest is sweltering in record-breaking heat.With a capacity of 1,000, the Amazon Convention Center is one of 36 places

where local residents can find refuge amid unprecedented temperatures. The สล็อตxo city of Seattle announced Monday. and Amazon confirmed in an email.Many residents of the area do not have air conditioning due to the region's typical warm climate. But the so-called heat dome - a heat wave that hovers over the region - has pushed temperatures into

triple digits across the Pacific Northwest.The weather was very hot on Tuesday in northwestern and midwestern Washington. This includes Seattle. The overheating warning remains in effect until 11 p.m. local time. The Meteorological Department said in an advisory, it also forecast a heat index of 101

by Tuesday afternoon. It warned that excessive heat and humidity increases the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.The Amazon Refrigeration Center is located on the retailer's campus in downtown Seattle. It also served as a pop-up clinic that offered the COVID-19 vaccine earlier this year.For employees of Amazon,

Washington state's largest employer. Large floor fans were installed to cool the warehouses at the Kent complex, where workers were provided scarves and chilled drinking another factory on the job site Some agencies use "Energy hours" during which employees are encouraged to move faster to increase productivity. The worker told the newspaper.

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