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Detailed Size of Massive Kaseya Ransomware Attacks
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Autor Detailed Size of Massive Kaseya Ransomware Attacks

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The cybersecurity team worked hard Sunday to block the impact of one of the largest ransomware attacks worldwide. Some details have emerged about how the Russian-linked gang responsible for breaching the company's software pipelines.

A subsidiary of the เข้าระบบ slotxo notorious REvil gang, known for extorting $11 million worth of meat processing company JBS after the Memorial Day attacks. It infected thousands of victims in at least 17 countries on Friday. mostly through companies that manage IT infrastructure remotely for multiple clients. Cybersecurity researchers say

REvil demands a ransom of up to $5 million. the researchers said But at the end of last Sunday The company offers universal decryption software keys on its dark website. This will decrypt all affected machines in exchange for $70 million in cryptocurrency.

The FBI previously said in a statement that while it was investigating the attack, its size "may prevent us from responding to individual victims", Deputy National Security Adviser Anne Neuberger. It later issued a statement saying President Joe Biden "ordered all government resources to investigate the incident" and called on anyone who believed they had been compromised to alert the FBI.

Autor Detailed Size of Massive Kaseya Ransomware Attacks
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