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'Final Fantasy VII Remake' director says 'Intermis
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Autor 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' director says 'Intermis

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composition of "Intermission," an additional chapter in the slot168 PlayStation 5 version of "Final Fantasy VII Remake," is likely to be implemented in the highly anticipated and far-flung sequel, according to the game's makers.Especially moving the team at the stars. Yuffie and Sonon's "Intermission" could return in Episode 2 of "Final Fantasy VII Remake,

or what the sequel to the remake might call "awesome." In a recent interview with The Washington Post, "Remake" co-director Naoki Hamaguchi said last year's combat system was an evolution of "Active Time Battle" from its 1997 release.From that point of view I'm pretty satisfied with this last form. The strategic elements of traditional command-based combat coexist with real-time and action-oriented combat,

said Hamaguchi as a child. The men have been wanting to work on the “Final Fantasy” series since the sixth installment. “Also, in 'Intermission' another element was introduced: a combo movie where Yuffie and Sonon collaborated ... which made a difference in combat strategy. I want to take advantage of these. including other elements that we try in 'Intermission' in our next story.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” was released last April and received critical acclaim and became one of the most popular games of the year. moreover The twists and turns of the story also make fans Excited about the inevitable sequel. Especially since the first story ended abruptly when the party left the bustling and polluted First City of Midgar. and began to travel to the wider world

Long-standing, attentive players may have noticed a callback to other “Final Fantasy VII” mediums, including “Advent Children” and its spin-off titles. “Intermission” focuses on this further by introducing the Weiss and Nero characters that only appear in the PlayStation 2 shooter “Dirge of Cerberus.” The game focuses on the expansion character from the original game, Vincent. This is no accident, co-director Motomu Toriyama. Another "Remake" and situational director for the original 1997 game said.

Autor 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' director says 'Intermis
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