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nursing school interview questions
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Autor nursing school interview questions
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Autor nursing school interview questions

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Simultaneous Interpretation Work requires that both the interpreter and the foreign speaking audience use simultaneous interpretation equipment. A basic SI system consists of a set of wireless receivers with headphones for the audience, and a transmitter and microphone for the interpreter. The goal is for the audience to understand the speaker while he/she is speaking, without having to stop for the speech to be translated. The interpreter listens to the speaker and carries out the simultaneous interpretation, also called simultaneous translation in real time. The interpreter´s microphone is connected to the transmitter, which sends a signal to the personal wireless receivers, so every person can listen to the interpretation through their headphones in their own language. FM systems require one transmitter per language. FM transmitters can be portable (also called tour-guide or belt-clip transmitters) and run on batteries and stationary transmitters (also called base or table transmitters) are mostly used for events at fixed locations that do not require the interpreter to move around.

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